BUIDL Grants

BUIDL Grants

Marc Andreessen's (@pmarca*) essay "IT’S TIME TO BUILD" generated a lot more discourse on Twitter than it did any actual building anywhere. It's a good essay, but could not hope to single handedly challenge Twitter's all-consuming status game. BUIDL Grants seek to rectify this problem.

BUIDL Grants incentivize prolific generation Z ("zoomer") tweeters to get off the bird website and go and build something for a week. Here are the terms:

  • You must be a zoomer.
  • You must be a prolific Twitter user. You don't necessarily need to be a popular account. We will ask for receipts.
  • You must not Tweet. We will work on the honor system but if you feel the temptation is too strong, we will help you lock yourself out of your accounts for exactly a week.
  • You must start and hopefully complete a project within the week. It can be any project - art, writing, making something, helping other people, whatever. It can be any week of your choosing. You don't need to work on it full time, but without Twitter, you will have tons more time!
  • After you have completed the project and do a show/tell with us, we will send you (actual real) money, probably around $100.

Apply with your BUIDL project proposals HERE

BUIDL Grants is an Only Forward x Special Projects x Default Friend joint.


  • Is this real? Yes.
  • Who is doing this? Me and some friends.
  • What do you get out of doing this? Relief from genz tech twitter discourse, maybe somebody makes something cool.
  • Where does the money come from? Me and some friends. If you want to contribute money, you can! Just DM or email me.
  • How many of these will you give out? Until all discourse on twitter ends.
  • Your criteria seem arbitrary and up to your individual tastes? They are!
  • This seems like it might have unintended consequences, like the thing about cobras? It might!
  • You spelled BUILD wrong? You are not sufficiently online to recieve this grant.

*@pmarca once had me (@atroyn) blocked on twitter because at some point in 2015 I got very drunk and responded to an obvious joke tweet by him and Benedict Evans about computing in the Soviet Union (since deleted) with a ~dozen tweet rant calling both of them names.  I am sorry.

update (2020.12.01): @pmarca no longer blocks me, thank you for accepting my apology. I am leaving the story up because I think it's funny.

Cover image: Dyson sphere under construction around the sun, to mine ever hotter takes. From Futurism.com.