What I’m working on - 16-09-2017

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Thesis Proposals

Got the first draft of the ‘refactored’ version done.

  • Proofread
  • Add a bibliography maybe

Shape Priors

No new work this week, focus on getting a lot of writing done.

LSD Illusion

Got the layman’s version of the article done.

  • Finish Proof
  • Upload demo data maybe

Chameleon Review

No new work this week. Want to implement before writing it up.

  • Use Blender to get some ground truth / training data for the random forests.

Human Intent Prediction

Prelim. analysis gave indications that this was actually possible. Need to test concrete hypotheses.

  • Smooth the data
  • Hypothesis: Changes in posture indicate change in desired velocity, otherwise constant
  • Controller is relatively simple if this holds
  • Possible to learn ‘online’, from human posture etc.

Part-time Job

Assigned first project, has some meat.