What I’m working on - 09-09-2017

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Thesis Proposals

I need to get my thesis proposals done and shop them around to potential supervisors.

  • Finish topics: Active Perception, Stochastic Optimization
  • Try the disparity filtering thing

Shape Priors

Finish this thing and see if it’s worth a paper / open sourcing it.

  • Investigating making the Kalman Filter dynamic, using # of points, maybe viewing angle
  • Extend to moving vehicles w/car motion model from Aachen paper, figure out better tracking
  • Try sampling points adaptively (i.e. maintain consistency like in LSD)
  • Try some hacks to see if we can make this faster
  • Get KITTI laser data to give quantitative result

LSD Illusion

Get this written up with some demo code and posted here.

  • Run LSD SLAM in an isolated environment
  • Record data
  • Write up fault, causes, possible solutions

Chameleon Review

Chameleon tracker is an interesting paper, and I think I can extend the author’s ideas.

  • Annotate and summarize paper
  • Attempt implementation

Human Intent Prediction

Need to see if there is a predictive signal in the data we collected.

  • Visualize trajectories VS human pose
  • Attempt basic statistical analysis

Part-time Job

Working 2 days this week.